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Family Law Attorney in Ritzville, Washington

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Family issues can take a toll on your wallet and emotions. Hire a compassionate attorney to help resolve your legal matter amicably. Iverson Law Office, PLLC handles a variety of family law cases in Ritzville and Odessa, Washington, as well as throughout Lincoln, Adams and Grant Counties. Our lead attorney will meet with you to learn more about your situation. She's punctual, organized and committed to going above and beyond for each client.

You can trust us to explain your options clearly and show you how you can settle your legal issue. Visit our firm in Odessa or Ritzville, Washington today to speak with a sympathetic divorce attorney. The Iverson Law Office, PLLC, provides additional services to the counties of Davenport, Lincoln, Adams, Grant, Franklin, and Benton.

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Family Law Practice Areas


A divorce attorney in Odessa or Ritzville, WA will help you and your spouse create a fair separation agreement. No matter your situation, going through the process of divorce in an amicable way will save both parties time, money, and unnecessary stress.

Child Custody

We'll learn about you and your child's relationship and your family dynamic to determine the best child custody arrangement.


If you need to alter your child custody arrangement or visitation schedule, hire us to put the changes in writing.

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No matter what brings you into our office, we can help you through the process of divorce and other family law matters in an amicable, smooth, and stress-free way. The Iverson Law Office, PLLC, provides legal services across the Ritzville, Washington area, including the counties of Davenport, Lincoln, Adams, Grant, Franklin, and Benton.

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